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Dungeons ===============================================================================

This section may have some errors, as some of the monsters listed may not be in Beta 2 yet. If anybody has been to these dungeons and have verified what monsters live there, please E-mail me. Ant Hell Level


Recommended Level: 20 Enemies: Ant Egg, Farmiliar, Andre, Deniro, Pierre, Vitata, Giearth, Phreeoni (MVP) Number of Enemies: High Lots and lots of ants. They're fairly weak, but watch out for the ones that assist. Ant Hell Level


Recommended Level: 20 Enemies: Ant Egg, Farmiliar, Andre, Deniro, Pierre, Vitata, Giearth Number of Enemies: High Exactly like Ant Hell 1, except for the Boss, Phreeoni. If you see him, run like hell (ba-dum cha!) Bibilan Island Level


Recommended Level: 15-35 Enemies: Plankton, Kukre, Hydra, Vadon, Marina Number of Enemies: Medium There really is nothing good here. The Planktons and Kukres aren't numerous enough to support low leveled players, and the Marinas and Vadons aren't numerous enough for the high level ones. Bibilan Island Level


Recommended Level: 35 Enemies: Black Mushroom, Plankton, Kukre, Hydra, Vadon, Cornutus, Marina, Thara Frog Number of Enemies: Medium-High Now we're getting somewhere! This is a pretty good area to level in. Go after Thara Frogs and Marinas, as well as Vadons if your a Mage. They give good EXP, but they have pretty bad drops. Just watch out for Hydra mobs, they get very annoying. While I was down there, everybody seemed to watch each others backs, since nobody was going after Hydras to level. So if you see some guy smacking a Thara Frog and a Hydra spawns on him, go ahead and kill the Hydra. He may return the favor later. Bibilan Island Level


Recommended Level: 50 Enemies: Black Mushroom, Hydra, Thara Frog, Cornutus, Marc, Obeaune, Marse Number of Enemies: Medium Like level 4, with a few less aggressives. An average place to level. Bibilan Island Level


Recommended Level: 55 Enemies: Marine Sphere, Hydra, Phen, Marc, Obeaune, Sword Fish, Marse Number of Enemies: Medium-High I don't really like this place. Theres just too many aggressives for my tastes. Obeaunes still do have the rare and very coveted Brooches though, which are still overpriced beyond belief. Bibilan Island Level


Recommended Level: 70 Enemies: Marine Sphere, Hydra, Marse, Obeaune, sword fish, Marc, Deviace Number of Enemies: Medium Home to Deviace, and Strouf whenever they put him here. Clock Tower Level


Recommended Level: 70 Enemies: Archer Skeleton, Punk, Bathory, Baphomet Jr. Number of Enemies: Medium The Baphomet Jr.s unbalance this area a bit. Bring a few friends to deal with them when the need arises. Clock Tower Level


Recommended Level: 75 Enemies: Archer Skeleton, Punk, Deviruchi, Alarm Number of Enemies: Medium Another area that will be packed with people, since Alarms also drop Clips. Clock Tower Level


Recommended Level: 75 Enemies: Archer Skeleton, Alarm Number of Enemies: Medium-Low Note: You need a Key from Alarms to get access to the higher areas Probably will be just as popular as level 2, expect this area to be crowded. Clock Tower Level


Recommended Level: 85 Enemies: Archer Skeleton, Horong, Alarm, Mimic, Rideword, Executioner, Abysmal Knight (MVP) Number of Enemies: Medium-High A very difficult area, especially with Abysmal and the Executioners. Bring a large party with you. Clock Tower Underground Level


Recommended Level: 75 Enemies: Drainliar, Stem Worm, Iron Fist Number of Enemies: Medium Note: You need a Key from Alarm enemies to get into the Underground The flip side of the Clock Tower, this is a pretty calm area you could solo in. Clock Tower Underground Level


Recommended Level: 80 Enemies: Drainliar, Iron Fist, High Orc, Orc Archer Number of Enemies: Medium AGI types will really want to avoid this area, since the Orc Archers will kill you really fast. An average spot to level for VIT types. Clock Tower Underground Level


Recommended Level: 80 Enemies: Brilight, Alarm, Cramp, Penomena Number of Enemies: Medium Penomena's are pretty vicious, but give great EXP. Of course wherever there are Alarms, theres Clip hunters, so you definently wont have the place to yourself. Clock Tower Underground Level

Recommended Level: 75 Enemies: Ambernite, Anolian Number of Enemies: Medium This will probably be one of the most populated areas in the tower. Lots of Anolians to feed the greed of the Clip hunters. Ambernites are here for, I dunno, sport? Coal Mine Level


Recommended Level: 20 Enemies: Farmiliar, Tarou, Smokie, Martin, Giearth, Drainliar Number of Enemies: Medium-High This can be a good place to level for the early 30s, just watch out for Drainliars. Coal Mine Level


Recommended Level: 55 Enemies: Drianliar, Martin, Skel Worker, Myst Number of Enemies: Medium The Mysts really unbalance this area. They're vicious little things, so I'd stay away. Coal Mine Level


Recommended Level: 55 Enemies: Skel Worker, Myst, Dark Priest Number of Enemies: Medium When the Dark Priest is put in Beta 2, this will be his home. There really isn't much down here now though. Culvert Level


Recommended Level: 20 Enemies: Thief Bug Egg, Thief Bug, Farmiliar, Spore, Tarou Number of Enemies: Medium Ahh, Culvert has hardly changed. Theres enough enemies here that its now an option to level in Level 1. Just watch out for Farmiliars and assisting Thief Bugs. Culvert Level


Recommended Level: 20 Enemies: Thief Bug Egg, Thief Bug, Farmiliar, Plankton, Spore, Thief Bug (L), Tarou Number of Enemies: High Culvert Level 2 hasn't changed much either. Theres still a lot of enemies here, if you can handle them. Just be sure not to hit a Thief Bug when theres 20 around you, since they assist. Culvert Level


Recommended Level: 20 Enemies: Thief Bug Egg, Thief Bug, Tarou, Thief Bug (L), Poporing, Hydra Number of Enemies: High Culvert Level 3 is just like I left it, except for all these furry little mice running around. Hydras are very rare, so they shouldn't give you much trouble. I'd bet theres only 2 or 3 on the map at once. Culvert Level


Recommended Level: 25-40 Enemies: Thief Bug Egg, Thief Bug, Thief Bug (L), Thief Bug (G), Gold Thief Bug (MVP) Number of Enemies: Medium-High Culvert 4 is exactly like it was in Beta 1 - more geared to VIT types. Of course, Goldie is still here, alive and kicking. Be sure to put a stop to that. Geffen Dungeon Level

Recommended Level: 35-50 Enemies: Farmiliar, Poporing, Poison Spore, Dustiness Number of Enemies: High You can come here at high 30 levels, but be sure to bring a friend. Theres lots and lots of Poison Spores and Farmiliars, so be very very careful to avoid mobs. Geffen Dungeon Level 2_________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 65 Enemies: Poison Spore, Dustiness, Whisper, Argos, Jakk Number of Enemies: Medium-High A lot of aggressives here as well, so try to avoid being mobbed. Geffen Dungeon Level 3_________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 70 Enemies: Marionette, Argos, Whisper, Bathoroy, Myst, Jakk, Nightmare, Doppleganger (MVP) Number of Enemies: Medium-High Very vicious enemies here. Use caution, and watch your back for Dopple. Note: Geffen Dungeon does in fact go deeper, but the portal to Geffen 4 is gone =( Ghast Heim Castle Level 1______________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 85 Enemies: Joker, Baphomet Jr., Rideword, Evil Druid, Tirfing, Mysteltainn Number of Enemies: High The first level of the castle, and it throws everything it has at you. You NEED a party to survive here, hopefully consisting of a good priest. Of course with this challenge comes great EXP. Ghast Heim Castle Level 2______________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 90 Enemies: Archer Skeleton, Whisper, Marionette, Mimic, Nightmare, Khalitzburg, Deviruchi, Reydric, Joker, Baphomet Jr., Rideword, Mysteltainn, Wander Man, Baphomet (MVP), Abysmal Knight (MVP) Number of Enemies: Very High And you thought Level 1 was hard! This is by far, the craziest dungeon in RO. Monsters that could cause a Novice to explode in 1 hit are more common than cobwebs. You need an absolutely full party here, with at least 2 Priests and Blacksmiths. Ghast Heim Castle Prison Level 1_______________________________________________ Recommended Level: 75 Enemies: Whisper, Ghoul, Hunter Fly, Skel Prisoner, Zombie Prisoner Number of Enemies: Medium Probably one of the calmest areas in Ghast Heim. Prisoners are difficult, but not unbearable. As with all areas in Ghast Heim, a party is highly recommended. Ghast Heim Castle Prison Level 2_______________________________________________ Recommended Level: 75 Enemies: Whisper, Cramp, Skel Prisoner Number of Enemies: Medium Ahh.... nice and relaxing. This is one of a handful of areas its actually possible to solo in, but you'll want to be level 80ish for that. Ghast Heim Castle Interior_____________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 80 Enemies: Marionette, Rideword, Wanderman Number of Enemies: Low Another possible solo area, but beware of Wandermen. They have extremely high DEX, and will really rip any AGI types apart. Ghast Heim Castle Stairway_____________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 75 Enemies: Whisper, Mimic, Nightmare Number of Enemies: Low Yet another possible solo area, though a party is usually better. Bring an elemental weapon. Ghast Heim Castle Barracks Level 1_____________________________________________ Recommended Level: 75 Enemies: Mandragora, Flora, Joker, Dark Priest, Brilight, Reydric, Rideword Number of Enemies: Medium Some average enemies with a few whimpy ones thrown in... for sport, I guess. You COULD solo here, but I'd still highly recommend a party. Ghast Heim Castle Barracks Level 2_____________________________________________ Recommended Level: 80 Enemies: Whisper, Reydric, Joker, Khalitzburg, Abysmal Knight (MVP) Number of Enemies: Medium A pretty good level for anyone to level, since all the enemies are just about the same level. Watch out for Abysmal Knight though, he'll kill you really really fast ^_^ Ghast Heim Castle Monestary____________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 80 Enemies: Whisper, Ghoul, Brilight, Nightmare, Dark Priest, Joker, Rideword Number of Enemies: Medium The Joker and Rideword slightly unbalance this area. But another than that, its okay, I guess. Ghast Heim Castle Graveyard____________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 75 Enemies: Zombie, Ghoul, Skel Prison, Zombie Prisoner Number of Enemies: Medium I feel like I just stepped into a Resident Evil game! A possible solo area, since all the enemies in here move kind of slow. Ghast Heim Castle Sewers Level 1_______________________________________________ Recommended Level: 80 Enemies: Drainliar, Cramp, Anolian, Sting Number of Enemies: Medium Expect this area to be very crowded. Anolians drop Clips, so they'll be slaughtered just as fast as they can respawn. Ghast Heim Castle Sewers Level 2_______________________________________________ Recommended Level: 80 Enemies: Drainliar, Cramp, Anolian, Joker Number of Enemies: Medium Another fairly calm area, though a party is really recommended, as always. Ghast Heim Castle Sewers Level 3_______________________________________________ Recommended Level: 80 Enemies: Drainliar, Cramp, Sting Number of Enemies: Medium-Low A pretty calm area, its possible to solo here. A party wouldn't hurt though. Ghast Heim Castle Sewers Level 4_______________________________________________ Recommended Level: 80 Enemies: Drainliar, Cramp, Sting Number of Enemies: Medium-Low Pretty much identitical to Sewers 3. So... yeah ^_^; Orc Dungeon Level 1____________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 50 Enemies: Farmiliar, Steel ChonChon, Drainliar, Orc Skeleton, Orc Zombie Number of Enemies: Medium-High Another high spawn, aggressive dungeon. It's always best to travel with a friend. Orc Dungeon Level 2____________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 50 Enemies: Farmiliar, Steel ChonChon, Drainliar, Orc Skeleton, Orc Zombie, Zenorc Number of Enemies: Medium-High Pretty much the same as 1, with the exception of the Zenorcs. Payon Dungeon Level 1__________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 15-25 Enemies: Farmiliar, Spore, Zombie Number of Enemies: High At lower levels, watch for Zombies. Like many dungeons, this is a high spawn one, so travel in groups. Payon Dungeon Level 2__________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 50 Enemies: Farmiliar, Smokie, Martin, Magnolia, Eggrya, Munak Number of Enemies: Medium A pretty good place to level for early 50s. Eggryas give lots of job points, Magnolias are pretty easy, and theres only 1 or 2 Munaks on the map. Payon Dungeon Level 3__________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 55-60 (40 or so for Acolytes) Enemies: Red Plant, Black Mushroom, Hydra, Magnolia, Soldier Skeleton, Munak Number of Enemies: Medium-High Fairly close to the old Payon 3. It's still an Aco haven. Payon Dungeon Level 4__________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 55-60 Enemies: Red Plant, Black Mushroom, Mandragora, Magnolia, Soldier Skeleton, Archer Skeleton, Munak, Sohee, Whisper, Giant Whisper Number of Enemies: Medium Lots of Sohees to go around, if you want to grab a Nurse Hat. Payon Dungeon Level 5__________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 65 Enemies: Soldier Skeleton, Archer Skeleton, Sohee, Horong, Nine Tails, Moonlight Flower (MVP) Number of Enemies: Medium The Nine Tails sort of upset this area from making it a good hunting place. The boss of Payon is supposed to be the massive Zombie Dragon, but as far as I know he isn't in Beta 2 yet - so instead they gave us Moonlight. Pyramid Level 1________________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 15 Enemies: Farmiliar, Spore, Poporing Number of Enemies: Medium-High Identical to the old Pyramid 1, minus the Porings. Not a bad place to level for the teens, as long as you avoid Farmiliar mobs. Pyramid Level 2________________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 50 Enemies: Poporing, Drainliar, Soldier Skeleton, Archer Skeleton Number of Enemies: Medium Quite a jump from level 1, eh? An average place to be in the mid to late 50s. Pyramid Level 3________________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 55 (30+ for Archers) Enemies: Drainliar, Archer Skeleton, Soldier Skeleton, Mummy Number of Enemies: Medium-High The old Archer sniping area. The Archer Skeletons keep this place pretty clear though, so if your VIT, this might not be a bad place. Pyramid Level 4________________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 60 Enemies: Ghoul, Verit, Mummy, Isis, Osiris (MVP) Number of Enemies: Medium-High Exactly to the old 'mids 4. Osiris seems to be back now. Pyramid Basement Level 1_______________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 60 Enemies: Scorpion, Verit, Ghoul, Mummy Number of Enemies: Medium You can get to the basement through the Thieves guild. I can just imagine the look of Level 10 Novices looking to change jobs when they come across this place ^_^ Pyramid Basement Level 2_______________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 60 Enemies: Ghoul, Verit, Mummy, Isis, Reydric, Khalitzburg Number of Enemies: Medium-High Reydrics are evil little things, so watch out for those. Sphinx Level 1_________________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 60 Enemies: Drainliar, Anacondaq, Zerom, Requiem Number of Enemies: Medium-Low Not a bad place to level, the spawn rate is just about right so you don't have to travel far and aren't mobbed very often. Sphinx Level 2_________________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 65 Enemies: Drainliar, Matyr, Requiem, Whisper Number of Enemies: Medium Watch out for Whispers, you can't hurt them with physical attacks. If you have an elemental weapon though, this is a good place to level. Sphinx Level 3_________________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 70 Enemies: Matyr, Requiem, Whisper, Marduk, Mimic Number of Enemies: Medium-High Once again, watch for Whispers. Marduk is a pretty mean enemy too. Sphinx Level 4_________________________________________________________________

Recommended Level: 80 Enemies: Matyr, Whisper, Marduk, Sidewinder, Mimic, Dark Priest Number of Enemies: Medium-Low Dark Priests are hunted for their Bibles, and Sidewinders are of course very hard enemies. So be ready for it. Sphinx Level

Recommended Level: 75 Enemies: Requiem, Whisper, Marduk, Sidewinder, Mimic Number of Enemies: Low A lot like Level 4. Once Pharoh is put in the game, he'll probably be here. Sunken Ship Level

Recommended Level: 55 Enemies: Plankton, Kukre, Hydra, Poison Spore, Pirate Skeleton, Giant Whisper, Drake (MVP) Number of Enemies: Medium-High A bad place to level. The Pirate Skels aren't enough to level up on, and if you try to fight the lower leveled enemies, they'll kick your ass. Drake spawns in 1 room here, but you don't have a chance of getting him - Wizards *cough*Requiem*cough* like to camp here and be real jerks about MVPing him. So if you have any intent to do so, bring lots of people loaded to the brim with Dead Branches to take them out. Sunken Ship Level 2____________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 50 Enemies: Hydra, Megalodon, Pirate Skeleton Number of Enemies: Medium-High Hmm, this could be a good place to level. Watch out for annoying Hydras, and you should do alright. Toy Factory Level 1____________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 60 Enemies: Cookie, Santa Goblin, Cruiser Number of Enemies: Low Horrible place to level. Nothing is abundant enough to hunt, and the Cruisers will tear low levelers apart. Toy Factory Level 2____________________________________________________________ Recommended Level: 65 Enemies: Cookie, Santa Goblin, Mystcase, Cruiser, Stormy Knight (MVP) Number of Enemies: Medium Slightly better with the addition of Mystcases, you can hunt those and Cruisers if you want. Still not a very good place to level though, Id avoid the Toy Dungeon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden Temple Info ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You probably didn't notice, but I removed the Hidden Temple from the Dungeon. Simply because its so complex, I couldn't list it as I did the other dungeons. You see, the way the new Hidden Temple works is like this - theres a whole lot of small sub-maps. In each of these maps, theres 1 type enemy (or in few cases, 2). Because the room is so small, the spawn rate is fairly high. Sounds great, right? Well, there's two caveats. The first being, you often have to pass through small maps of evil, aggressive monsters with high spawn rates. Also, every once in a while, a Hunter Fly or Sidewinder will spawn in that room as well. Ouch. Since there will be no high level players patrolling say, the Rocker area, that enemy will stay there until the server is shut down. So basically, by going there, you have a great chance to level, IF you can make it through the aggressive areas and avoid the high level monster. So... are you feeling lucky punk? Are you? Unfortunantly, this Hidden Temple defies the normal rules of RO. There are some strange things these maps do, like walking off the left side of a screen will send you back to the right side 2 screens back, an infinite loop through time and space... or something. It would be simply beyond my ASCII skills to draw a map, and it would be very confusing anyway. Instead, I'm going to recommend you check out the graphical maps at http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Cupertino/9230/ In particular, these are the direct links to maps 1, 2, and 3: http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Cupertino/9230/NPD_MAP1_Beta2.jpg http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Cupertino/9230/NPD_MAP2_Beta2.jpg http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Cupertino/9230/NPD_MAP3_Beta2.jpg Note: In case these pictures go down, please tell me and I'll mirror them. There you have it. Now go press your luck at the chance of easy EXP ^_^
Read more at http://www.gamerstemple.com/games6/000838/000838g117.asp#sPSrurYZoovlKIMz.99
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